Dynasty Fantasy Sports

Taking Global Fantasy Sports up a notch.

GameDay Squad Cricket is a dynasty style fantasy sports platform that allows you to retain your Player Cards from tournament to tournament. We offer a product that is very different to traditional fantasy sports and unlike anything else in the Australian market. Enabling coaches to build a squad over time leads to a feeling of true ownership of your players and fantasy success is achieved with a greater sense of satisfaction. Decisions in a dynasty league can lead to mistakes or successes that effect the fortunes of a team for years to come, just like International Cricket. The players that coaches obtain during the 2024 Global Cricket Championship will be able to used in major future international cricket competitions. This means that in years to come any player card you pack or find on the transfer market have value and can be used for years and years to come! The player cards available in this edition of GameDay Squad will be SEPERATE to any future domestic cricket competitions run on the GameDay Squad fantasy sports platform.

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