Social Media Competitions

Winning off and on on the field!

Sometimes it isn't just all about winning on field! Our coaches frequently take their skills off the field as well! GameDay Squad offers a myriad of competitions and giveaways on our social media platforms such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Discord and even Youtube! Keep your eyes posted to our social media channels to participate in all of our active competitions! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Join our friendly Discord channel to participate in free competitions/giveaways!

When GameDay Squad posts Social Media giveaways and promotions. We follow a set process in order to provide our winning coaches with their rewards

Our team ensures that coaches submissions for giveaways have been submitted fairly and within the rules stated in the social media post.

GameDay Squad will directly message winnings coaches from our 'official' social media pages, attaching the prize and instructions on how to claim your rewards.

Please Note: GameDay Squad will never contact winning coaches from a 3rd party social media account. Additionally, GameDay Squad will never require you to provide any additional information over direct message to claim your prize.

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