Squad Registration

Register your squad to get #GameDayReady.

The GameDay Squad platform currently has 7 fantasy sports/Tournaments available to play: Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Women's Aussie Rules, Basketball, Global Cricket Championship, AUS Cricket, IND Cricket. Users must create a GameDay Squad account before they register for a sport. The registration process for both sports is the same and is described below:

1. First, choose which sport you would like to play!

2. Head to "Squad" and enter in your team name for the season:

Once submitted, you cannot change the name of your team until the next season. Choose wisely!

3. Once you have determined your team name, select "Submit":

4. Now you’re all set and ready to participate in your chosen fantasy sport game! If you would like to register for another sport, simply click on the chosen sport via the icon at the top of the page and follow the same steps as above.

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