Making A Trade

Make an offer.

To trade Player Cards, a coach can list them on the Transfer Market in exchange for other Player Cards they want to add to their squad. The coach can also offer a fixed sum of AUD as part of the trade. When listing a Player Card for trade, the coach must specify the desired rarity of the Player Card(s) they are looking for, and can request up to four cards in return. If the card doesn't sell, it will be returned to the "My Cards" tab and can be re-listed, used in squads, or kept as part of the coach's collection.

Making an offer is easy and customisable! Use our easy to understand colour system to customise your trades. For more on what the colours mean: Green - The player is available for trade and can be included in the offer by pressing the plus (+) button on the right hand side of the screen. Orange - The player is currently an active player in your My Squad and will need to be replaced in your My Squad before they are eligible for trade. Red - The player is not owned by the coach placing the offer. Placing an offer on a Trade is easy! Follow these simple steps: 1. Find the Trade you would like to make an offer for. 2. Select "Make Offer". 3. Place your Offer by adding the players you would like to offer. 4. Select "Offer".

It is important to note that if you own more than one player card for an available player, you will be able to choose which edition you would like to trade - as shown below:

Listing a Player Card to a Trade is easy! Follow these simple steps: 1. Find the Player Card you would like to Trade (In My Cards). 2. Select "Trade". 3. Enter in an amount of money if you wish to add a dollar amount to the trade (Bronze cards EXCLUDED). 4. Select "Request". 5. From the filter screen you will select the rarity of card you would like to receive and type in the Players Name that you desire (Note that coaches can include up to FOUR players per Trade listing). 6. Once the coach is happy with the listing select "Submit" and wait for an offer!

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