Player Score Multiplier (PSM)

Player Score Multipliers unlock a new way to play fantasy sports.

Each Player Card has an associated Player Score Multiplier (PSM), which multiplies that player's base score for the round by the size of the multiplier. The PSM assigned to your card can be identified by the Player Card's colour and background, or by looking at the PSM at the top of the Player Card (See the "1.4x" text found on Sam Docherty's Diamond Player Card below). If Docherty scored 100 GameDay Squad fantasy points, his Diamond Player Card score for that round would increase to 140. This brings players with less fantasy relevancy into the conversation as starters and propels established fantasy studs into superstardom! All PSMs are calculated automatically.

Player Score Multipliers (PSM) assigned to all active player card tiers are as follows:

RarityPlayer Score Multiplier


1.0x (No PSM)


1.1x PSM


1.2x PSM


1.3x PSM


1.4x PSM


1.5x PSM

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