Multiple Competitions

Test your skills across all competitions!


  • Adding the ability to enter all competitions.

  • Adding two new competitions.

  • Coaches are unable to use the same player card over multiple competitions.

  • Start Dates for Active Competitions.

  • Salary Cap and Special Card Limits for all Codes and Competitions.

Test your skills and expertise across Multiple Competitions simultaneously! GameDay Squad are excited to announce that our coaches will be able to Create, Coach and Compete in ALL available competitions! In simple terms this means that coaches will be able to submit teams for both the Classic and Champion competition if they wish! But it doesn’t end there! GameDay Squad will be introducing TWO new competitions that coaches will be able to compete in! Namely the STARTER Competitions and the CHALLENGER Competition, users will be able to submit teams for all FOUR active competitions! The Starter Competition will be a bronze only competition and the Challenger Competition will be a salary-capped competition that sits between the existing Classic and Champion Competitions. Active Competitions (Aussie Rules): For active competitions, it is important to note that with the addition of the Starter and Challenger Competitions, do NOT impact the Classic and Champion competitions. Classic and Champion Competitions continue to compete as normal. Coaches who decide to compete in the Starter/Challenger competition or one of the existing Classic/Champion competitions will start with a score of ZERO points. This is to maintain the competitive season-long integrity of the existing competitions while still providing coaches venturing into new competitions with the chance to win weekly prizes.

The ability to enter Multiple Competitions and the introduction of our new Competitions begins: Aussie Rules: Round 12 - Ending Round 24 (30th May 2024 - 25th August 2024) Below are all the Salary Caps and Special Card restrictions for all codes and competitions: GameDay Squad Aussie Rules

Starter - $11mil, No special Cards, Bronze Cards only;

Classic - $12.5mil, 2 special cards limit;

Challenger - $16.5mil, 6 special cards limit;

Champion - Unlimited salary cap, no special card limit;


Serial numbers: Player cards will only be allowed to be selected for ONE competition. This means that if a coach owns the 1/5000 Nick Daicos card and the coach wishes to play it in the Classic Competition, the 1/5000 Nick Daicos will not be allowed to be played in any of the other three competitions. However, it is important to note that in this example, other Nick Daicos cards can be played in other competitions. For example, if a coach happens to own the 2/5000 Nick Daicos card, the 2/5000 Nick Daicos can be selected in other competitions.


  • With the introduction of these new competitions, the 2025 prize for existing competitions are expected to change and all competitions will have cash prizes.

  • No changes to the existing classic and champion competitions for the 2024 season.

For more on GameDay Squad Aussie Rules prizes check here: Prizes

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