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In the event of a wash out and subsequently a match being abandoned, prizes assigned to the affected round will be null and void.

While GameDay Aus Cricket will be familiar with experienced GameDay Squad coaches, with all the bells and whistles that make GameDay Squad fantasy sports great still being included in Cricket, the fixtures will be a little bit different this time around... GameDay Squad AUS Cricket will be a Daily Fantasy Sports competition, meaning that every day is a new round and a new challenge for all coaches to prove that they're the best amongst the best fantasy players in the world!

To explain daily fantasy sports further, here's an example: Round 1 - (07/12/2023) Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Stars: Coach's build a team of Heat and Stars players. Rounds reset and winners are determined for the next rounds fixtures. Round 2 - (08/12/2023) Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Renegades: Coaches build a team of Sixers and Renegades players. Rounds reset and winners are determined for the next rounds fixtures and so on as the competition runs!

Round Date Matchup

1: Thu, Dec 7 Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Stars

2: Fri, Dec 8 Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Renegades

3: Sat, Dec 9 Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane Heat

4: Sun, Dec 10 Melbourne Renegades vs Perth Scorchers

5: Mon, Dec 11 Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Sixers

6: Tue, Dec 12 Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane Heat

7: Wed, Dec 13 Melbourne Stars vs Perth Scorchers

8: Tue, Dec 19 Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Thunder

9: Wed, Dec 20 Perth Scorchers vs Hobart Hurricanes

10: Thu, Dec 21 Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat

11: Fri, Dec 22 Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers

12: Sat, Dec 23 Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder

12: Sat, Dec 23 Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Renegades

13: Tue, Dec 26 Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars

13: Tue, Dec 26 Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne Renegades

14: Wed, Dec 27 Brisbane Heat vs Sydney Thunder

15: Thu, Dec 28 Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Stars

16: Fri, Dec 29 Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers

17: Sat, Dec 30 Sydney Thunder vs Sydney Sixers

18: Sun, Dec 31 Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne Stars

19: Mon, Jan 1 Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Thunder

19: Mon, Jan 1 Brisbane Heat vs Sydney Sixers

20: Tue, Jan 2 Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne Renegades

21: Wed, Jan 3 Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane Heat

21: Wed, Jan 3 Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers

22: Thu, Jan 4 Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart Hurricanes

23: Fri, Jan 5 Adelaide Strikers vs Perth Scorchers

24: Sat, Jan 6 Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Sixers

25: Sun, Jan 7 Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes

26: Mon, Jan 8 Sydney Thunder vs Perth Scorchers

27: Tue, Jan 9 Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes

28: Wed, Jan 10 Brisbane Heat vs Perth Scorchers

29: Thu, Jan 11 Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide Strikers

30: Fri, Jan 12 Sydney Sixers vs Sydney Thunder

31: Sat, Jan 13 Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane Heat

31: Sat, Jan 13 Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne Stars

32: Sun, Jan 14 Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers

33: Mon, Jan 15 Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes

34: Tue, Jan 16 Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers

35: Wed, Jan 17 Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades

36: Fri, Jan 19 Qualifier Final

37: Sat, Jan 20 Knockout Final

38: Mon, Jan 22 Challenger Final

39: Wed, Jan 24 Final In rounds where two games are played on the same day, coaches have the ability to select players from all four teams for their teams on that day.

In 2023, the GameDay Squad AUS Cricket fantasy sports game will have two different public competitions. It is important to note that all users are automatically assigned to a competition once their squad it complete, which competition they are assigned to is governed by the salary cap:

Classic Competition: $6 million salary cap

The Classic Competition puts coaches to the test, challenging them to create a top-performing team each week while staying within the salary cap. This introduces another level of strategy to the game.

Champion Competition: No salary cap restriction

The Champion Competition is a no-limits test of fantasy skill and stands out as the ultimate challenge for coaches. Coaches in this division must leverage all of the Player Cards at their disposal to achieve the highest possible score.

Please ensure you are competing in your preferred competition prior to the first game of any given round. Users who change alter their squads mid round will have scores from earlier in the round count towards the selected competition, for example: If a coach selects his team and competes in the classic league to begin the round and scores 500 points after the Friday night lockout, and then later alters their team to compete in the Champion league the user will have their 500 points from Friday night count towards the Capped league, and the remaining point scored in the round count towards the Champion league. It is important to note that in rounds where two games are being played, users only submit one team made of the four teams available. For example: Round 12: Game 1 - Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder; Game 2 - Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Renegades

Users will be able to submit a full squad using players from any of the teams above for the active round. Under no circumstance will users submit two seperate teams.

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