The Bench

Reworked for 2024!

The Bench acts as a holding place to keep your Player Cards who are next in line for a spot in your active squad. Bench players DO contribute to a coach's total score.

It is important to note that ALL bench slots need to be filled for a user to be eligible for prizes and to win.

Bench positions for GameDay Squad Rugby League Rules are as follows:

Rugby League: 2 x Forwards - Forwards are exclusive to Hookers, Middle-Forwards and Edge-Forwards. 1 x Half - Halves are exclusive to halves. 2 x Backs - Backs are exclusive to Centres, Wingers and Full-Backs.

It is important to note that only the positions allocated next to the position slots will be allowed to be placed in those slots. One position of the combined Forwards and Backs positions per slot will be allowed to be selected in each position slot. I.e. Forwards - Only one of the Hooker position, Middle-Forward position and Edge-Forward positions can be selected in the two forward bench slots.

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