Special Cards

Special Cards for special coaches.

In Season 2024, GameDay Squad are excited to be bringing Special Cards to the platform. Special Cards include: Seasonal Prize cards, All-Star cards, cards to celebrate special occasions and more. Each Special Card will have a different salary cap hit that will be communicated at the time of release. Release 1:

2024 Prize Cards The first set of special cards to be introduced into the GameDay Squad IND Cricket fantasy sports platform are the seasonal prize cards. These player cards enter the GameDay Squad platform through being awarded to coaches who finished in the top 10 of each competition (Classic and Champion competitions). These cards have a $600k salary cap hit with a 1.4x multiplier in regular seasonal competitions. Coaches who finish in the top 10 will choose the player they want as their prize card. Only one player is allowed to be select per season. Players are selected and determined starting with the winner of the Champion competition all the way to the coach who finished 10th in the Classic competition. Once a player is selected, that player will no longer be able to be selected until the 2024 Prize Card selection process. For example, if Virat Kohli is selected by the coach who finished first in the Champion competition, no other user who finished top 10 in either the Champion or Classic competition will be able to select Virat Kohli. GameDay Squad will be in contact with users who finished in the top 10 for both competitions at the completion of the 2024 GameDay Squad IND cricket season. It's important to note that prize cards can be bought, sold and traded on the GameDay Squad Transfer Market, however the artwork will never change, the winners team name, position on the ladder and season won will always be visible on the prize card.

The 2024 Prize Cards (And any further iteration of prize cards) will be subject to position changes if applicable. GameDay Squad reviews positions annually and subsequent changes will be made if the player is deemed to have warranted a position change for the previous season.

Keep a lookout on the GameDay Squad socials and GameDay Squad Discord for announcements regarding future GameDay Squad IND Cricket Special Card releases.

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