Transfer Market And Pack History

Keep tabs on all transactions!

Find all transactions that you have completed on the GameDay Squad platform at the touch of a button! Found in your “Account” tab, users will be able to see how they acquired or sold/traded all cards in their inventory!

To find the Transfer Market & Pack History simply: 1. Click any code on the Home Screen

  1. Click your account button in the top right hand side of the screen

  1. Select “Account”

  1. Finally, select “Purchase History”

Once you have entered the Transfer Market and Pack History page, you will be able to see all your “Market” moves which covers everything from, buying, selling, auctioning and trading cards. Selecting “Packs” will show when and how many packs you have bought. Here you will be able to keep tabs on when you bought packs and at what quantity. Selecting “Deposit” will should you when you have made different deposits onto the platform and how much. Selecting “Transfer Out” will show you when you have made different withdrawals and how much. The ability to filter and search tools to find transactions for specific players is also available by simply interacting with the search button or filter tools available!

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