Get in position!

Positions will not be reviewed mid-tournament unless specified by the GameDay Squad team in advance. Positions will be reviewed in between current and future tournaments.

Players are allocated positions based on where they spend most of their time playing on the field.

GameDay Squad will have a dual-position for Season 2024 and the foreseeable future. Wicket-Keepers will be able to be selected in Batsman position slots this season.

GameDay Squad Global Cricket Championship:

Wicket-Keeper (WK)

Wicket-Keeper/Batsmen (WK)(BAT)

Bowler (BOW)

All-Rounder (ALL)

Players may change their position throughout the year, however the position allocated to their Player Card won't change for the remainder of that season. Player positions are reviewed annually by the GameDay Squad team and their Player Card is updated before the start of the following season. GameDay Squad uses StatsPerform (https://www.statsperform.com/) for positional analysis. If our stats provider lists a player as dual position, GameDay Squad not having dual positions will have the final say in what position a player will be for the upcoming season.

The base process generally follows the following process:

GameDay Squad Global Cricket Championship:

WK/Other - BAT/ALL

All Combinations - Predominant position as indicated by the stats providers

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