Player Cards

The heart and soul of our fantasy sport platform!

Player Cards can only enter the GameDay Squad ecosystem through opening Player Packs. This means that every time a coach pulls a player from a pack, they are the first and sole owner of that individual Player Card. What can you do with your Player Cards? The decision is up to you. You might look to sell or auction them off on the Transfer Market, you may find yourself trading them with another coach, you could choose to play your cards in your active squad in our round-by-round competitions or perhaps you just simply enjoy collecting your favourite players. At GameDay Squad we are always exploring ways to add utility to the Player Cards that coaches own, even beyond retirement - Stay tuned! In the event that player cards have retired, been delisted, moved to overseas competitions, been placed in reserves/lower league competitions or any other player movement that results in the player card no longer participating in GameDay Squad competitions but later returns to competitions, the player card will simply return to GameDay Squad player card packs and all existing cards will be able to be used in compeition.

Player Cards consist of:

Team colour

Player's name

Player's number (Aussie Rules player cards only)

Score multiplier

Card rarity

Player's position

Serial number

Current & historical statistics

Last updated