Squad Management - Basketball

Once you've opened your first packs, you’re ready to start building your squad!

There are three parts of the squad-building process for the GameDay Squad Basketball platform:

  1. The Court - The Court is built from all your best players and consists of all the players that will be actively scoring for your team. 10 players total make up your court.

  2. Reserves - This is where you’ll find all your non-active players. You can have an unlimited amount of Reserve players.

There is no limit to player movement in GameDay Squad Basketball in 2023. This means that you can bring as many players as you like from your Reserves onto The Court anytime outside of the players lockout.

In 2023, GameDay Squad will be introducing a rolling lockout. This means that players will only be locked out 10 minutes before their team's game starts. For example: If a user has selected a player playing on Thursday night, they will be locked out at the 10 minutes before the commencement of the game however, the user will be able to still change players playing on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, and so forth until the last game of the round. The rolling lockout will be active for the GameDay Squad Aussie Rules GameDay Squad Rugby League, GameDay Squad Women's Aussie Rules, GameDay Squad Australian Basketball and GameDay Squad World Cup Cricket codes.

It is important to note that if a user swaps a player who's game falls in that 10 minute before game commencement period or after, in OR out of their active team the player who is swapped in or out will score ZERO points for the round. This is to stop people taking advantage of any lock out exploits and to keep the game as fair as possible for all users. This rule applies even if the auto lockout is not active at the time.

*Note: Players who play more than one game in a round will have the highest score (the highest recorded score in a singular game) across the games played, score toward their overall team's round score at the conclusion of the round' lock out period.

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