Player Card Salary Cap Costs


To add to the strategy in GameDay Squad and to work within the constraints of the salary cap in the classic competition, each card tier will have a differing and ascending salary cap cost depending on rarity. The table below is how the salary cap structure is broken down:

Card Tier Salary Cap Cost












$1 Million

Salary cap costs per tier are synonymous across all of the sports available on the GameDay Squad platform. Salary cap costs come into affect for player cards placed on the active field and the bench.

Information regarding salary cap costs can be found on the GameDay Squad platform. Simply head to the "My Squad" tab and hover over the "information" icon found next to the league placement.

So, are you better off with one very rare card (e.g., a diamond with a 1.4x multiplier) and the remainder of the team comprised of bronze players, or should you create a team with multiple silver and gold cards instead? The best approach will likely differ each week, which creates a truly unique version of fantasy sports.

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