Starter Player Card Packs

Good things come to those who join!

By simply registering to play one of our fantasy sports, you'll receive multiple Starter Packs to get your journey to tournament glory started. Starter packs contain bronze player cards to get you started on your journey to become the best of the best in GameDay Squad fantasy! In GameDay Squad Global Cricket Championship you will receive 46 Bronze Player Cards in various Starter Packs.

The breakdown of Player Cards found in Starter Packs are as follows:

  • Wicket-Keepers: 4 Player Cards (4 X 1 Player Pack)

  • Batsmen: 12 Player Cards (4 X 3 Player Pack)

  • Bowlers: 12 Player Cards (4 X 3 Player Pack)

  • All-Rounders: 18 Player Cards (6 X 3 Player Pack)

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