New Features for IND Cricket

New Features for the 2024 IND Cricket Tournament

Batsman and Wicket-Keepers combine!

For the IND Cricket season and beyond (unless communicated) the Batsman position line will transform into a Batsman/Wicket-Keeper position line, meaning Wicket-Keepers can be selected in Batsman position slots. This is to allow coaches greater flexibility with their squad selections and allow another level of strategy and tactics!

It is important to note that Batsman CANNOT be selected as Wicket-Keepers, ONLY Wicket-Keepers are permitted to be selected as Batsman in 2024.

Legend: 1 per player Diamond: 500 per player Platinum: 2,500 per player Gold: 10,000 per player Silver: 25,000 per player

Bronze Unlimited

IND Cricket 2024 will bring more cards to the table! From the beginning of the season coaches will be able to collect more cards! Grow your card inventory and take your team to greater heights are more cards enter the GameDay Squad player card packs!

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