Public Competitions - Aussie Rules

Something for everyone!

The Aussie Rules fantasy sports game will have four different public competitions. Users will be able to submit teams for all four competitions available on the GameDay Squad fantasy sports platform. Click "My Squad" to find the competitions dashboard with all four competitions on the screen and enter your desired competition by selecting "Enter".

Starter Competition: $11 million salary cap The Starter Competition (New to 2024) allows coaches to go head-to-head against each other with only Bronze player cards! The $11 million salary cap is the most restrictive of all competitions available on the GameDay Squad platform, where only Bronze player cards go head-to-head!

Classic Competition: $12.5 million salary cap The Classic Competition puts coaches to the test, challenging them to create a top-performing team each week while staying within the salary cap. This introduces another level of strategy to the game. Should coaches go all-in on a few Diamond Player Cards, surrounded by mostly Bronze Player Cards? Or should they opt for a balanced team primarily made up of Silver and Gold Player Cards? The winning approach will likely vary each week, making this a truly distinctive version of fantasy sports.

Challenger Competition: $16.5 million salary cap With a little bit more wiggle room in Salary Cap compared to the Classic Competition, the Challenger Competition offers a brand new challenge for coaches! Will coaches opt to use their Salary Cap toward Diamond and Platinum cards or will the higher tier cards make way for more Gold and Silver cards? So many different tactics can be applied, making the outcomes so diverse.

Champion Competition: No salary cap restriction The Champion Competition is a no-limits test of fantasy skill and stands out as the ultimate challenge for coaches. Coaches in this division must leverage all of the Player Cards at their disposal to achieve the highest possible score.

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