GameDay Squad

Make the game yours.


Revolutionising the way the world plays Australian fantasy sports.

GameDay Squad improves upon traditional fantasy sports through the use of “Player Cards” that are actually digital assets. GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy sports game, which means that you retain the players you own from season-to-season.

CREATE Collect and play your favourite players found in Player Packs or on the Transfer Market. Each Player Card has a rarity, serial number, score multiplier and salary cap hit infused & once the Player Card is yours, you make the call on what to do with it. You can decide to trade, auction, delist (coming soon), sell or hold your Player Card long into retirement. Keep a lookout for Special Cards found in Player Packs.

COACH The destiny of your team is in your hands. Will you play for the Premiership this season? Build a team of future stars through the draft and rookies? Or be clever enough to do both at the same time?

COMPETE Put your favourite Player Cards to the test against the best of the best in a round-by-round competition of your choosing. Each week winners are determined by the Leaderboard, with those who have scored the most points in the round deemed the winners.

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