A focus on both sides of the court!

*Note: Players who play more than one game in a round will have the highest score (the highest recorded score in a singular game) across the games played, score toward their overall team's round score at the conclusion of the round' lock out period. Coaches will score GameDay Squad fantasy points each round based upon the real-life performance of the players on their Court, multiplied by their associated Player Score Multiplier. Points will be awarded or deducted based on the performance statistics of each active player according to the following criteria:

Additional scoring details:

  • The multiplier a Player Card receives is dependant on the rarity of that card

  • The Player Score Multiplier will be applied to a player's score after the game is complete

  • Players in a team's Reserves will not score points

  • Once all GameDay Squad fantasy points have been calculated, a weekly total score will be assigned to each coach for the round

  • The winner of each competition is the Coach who scores the most amount of GameDay Squad fantasy points across the whole season

  • The Leaderboard is the place to go to find our how well you're doing compared to other coaches

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