New To 2024

What to expect for the first kick off of the 2024 Rugby League Season!

What to expect for the first bounce of the 2024 Rugby League! The team has been hard at work creating more additions and improvements ahead of the new season to make this one the best season yet!

Some of the big gameplay changes for 2024 include:


The 2024 GameDay Squad Rugby League season will be introducing a new scoring model. Below you find exactly what is scored and the values attached to each. These include value changes from 2023, new stats for 2024 and values that were unusable in 2023 due to bugs that are being reintroduced.

Try -10 points

Goal - 3 points

1-Point Field Goal - 4 points

2-Point Field Goal - 6 points

Try Assist - 5 points (Was worth 6 points in 2023)

Line Break - 4 points

Line Break Assist - 2 points (Was worth 3 points in 2023)

Tackle - 1 point

Tackle Break - 3 points

Missed Tackle - (-3) points

Offload - 2 points

Error - (-3) points (Was worth -4 points in 2023)

Six Again Infringements* - (-2) points (New in 2024)

40/20 or 20/40 Kick* - 5 points

Meters Gained - 1 point for every 10 meters

Kicking Meters - 1 point for every 30 meters

Penalty - (-4) points

Sin-Bin - (-6) points

Send-Off - (-12) points

Try Save - 6 points (2023 bug, fixed for 2024)

Kick Defused - 2 points

Forced Drop Out - 3 points

Forced Turnovers - 5 points (2023 bug, fixed for 2024)

Escape From In Goal - 3 points (New in 2024) *In 2024: Statistic: "40/20 and 20/40" will NOT include "20/40" kicks. Six Again Infringement: Will NOT include "Inside the 10m infringements", only "Ruck Infringements".

New Scoring Engine

In 2024 GameDay Squad Rugby League will be introducing a new and improved scoring engine that will record data faster, calculate your teams scores more accurately and apply any late stat changes determined after the games and lockouts are lifted.

Updated Player Pool:

In December we will launch the updated 2024 player pool update that will include team changes, position changes, player additions, draftees and the latest removals. Check out our 2024 player position reveal found here:

Various My Squad Changes:

In preparation for the 2024 Rugby League season, coaches will notice a change to their playing squads!

Position Changes

The first to note is that we will be splitting Winger/Fullbacks from the 2023 season, creating individual positions for both in 2024.


Winger/Fullback - 3 Player Card Slots in 2023


Winger - 2 Player Card Slots in 2024

Fullback - 1 Player Card Slots in 2024

Revised Bench

Secondly, is that the bench players will now be considered scoring players, and their scores will count towards the overall round score. The position breakdown for the bench players will be as follows:

2 x Forwards - Forwards are exclusive to Hookers, Middle-Forwards and Edge-Forwards.

1 x Half - Halves are exclusive to halves.

2 x Backs - Backs are exclusive to Centres, Wingers and Full-Backs.

These players WILL count toward your overall team score each round. One position of the combined Forwards and Backs positions per slot will be allowed to be selected in each position slot. I.e. Forwards - Only one of the Hooker position, Middle-Forward position and Edge-Forward positions can be selected in the two forward bench slots.

2024 Rugby League squads

1 x Hooker (Same as 2023)

3 x Middle-Forwards (Same as 2023)

2 x Edge-Forwards (Same as 2023)

2 x Halves (Same 2023)

2 x Centers (Same 2023)

2 x Wingers (New to 2024)

1 x Fullback (New to 2024)

2 x Forwards (Hookers, Middle-Forwards and Edge-Forwards) (New to 2024)

1 x Half - (Halves) (New to 2024)

2 x Backs - (Centres, Wingers and Full-Backs) (New to 2024)

Total Scoring Players = 18

One position of the combined Forwards and Backs positions per slot will be allowed to be selected in each position slot.

Amended Card Tier Costs:

Card tier costs for some rarities will also change for the 2024 Rugby League season. This change will match the salary cap costs of our newly added sports codes to the GameDay Squad platform and our future direction for increased simplicity and strategy when building your winning squad. 2024 Breakdown:

Bronze: 500k

Silver: 600k (up from 550k)

Gold: 700k (up from 650k)

Platinum: 800k (up from 750k)

Diamond: 900k (up from 800k)

Legend: 1 million

QLD vs NSW: 600k (down from 650k)

Adjusted Classic League Salary Cap:

To match the card cost tier changes and the squad changes heading into the 2024 GameDay Squad Rugby League season, the Classic Competition salary cap will be changed from:

$12 million in 2023 to $10 million in 2024

The change is expected to make bronze cards more valuable in the classic competitions, will make it easier to play higher rarity cards while eliminating the likelihood of the same strategy being played by all coaches.

Special Card Restrictions (Classic only):

Coaches will only be allowed a MAXIMUM of TWO special cards if they wish to play in the classic competition. The restriction is not position-bound meaning users can use up to two special cards in any position they like, I.e.; Two Halves, a Winger and a Hooker, a Middle-Forward and a Centre, any combination of positions is allowed. Coaches who exceed the restriction will receive a zero for the round.

Special cards include: All Star cards, Prize cards and State of Origin cards

Lockout Timer:

Lockouts will no longer occur 10 minutes before the start of each game. Rolling lockouts in 2024 will continue however will now be out at the commencement of each game giving more time for coaches to get their squads ready before the first bounce. Ability to enter multiple competitions:

Test your skills and expertise across Multiple Competitions simultaneously! GameDay Squad are excited to announce that our coaches will be able to Create, Coach and Compete in ALL available competitions! In simple terms this means that coaches will be able to submit teams for both the Classic and Champion competition if they wish!

New competition types:

But it doesn’t end there! GameDay Squad will be introducing TWO new competitions that coaches will be able to compete in! Namely the STARTER Competitions and the CHALLENGER Competition, users will be able to submit teams for all FOUR active competitions! The Starter Competition will be a bronze only competition and the Challenger Competition will be a salary-capped competition that sits between the existing Classic and Champion Competitions.

Slated For Future Seasons!

GameDay Squad is constantly looking to improve the platform in all facets, while these features won't make the start of the 2024 season, they will continue to be worked on as the season progresses to ensure they become part of the game’s future.

These Include:

Captains, Vice Captains and other Special Bonuses:

Captains and vice-captains seen in other fantasy platforms will not be included at the beginning of the 2024 seasons. It is expected these features will be included in the 2025 version along with exciting new additions that will change the way users participate over a season.

Emergency players:

As the 2024 game does not include a non-scoring bench, emergency players will not be an available feature in 2024. Emergency players will be revisited and reviewed as the season progresses with added player card slots.

From everyone at the GameDay Squad team, good luck for the 2024 Rugby League season!

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