Version 1.3

The third upgrade to the GameDay Squad platform - V 1.3

August 2022


  • Players on the squad screen now show their previous score + their card multiplier average without having to click on each individual player.

  • During lockout, the player cards in the squad view will now show if individual players are yet to Play (YTP), didn’t play (0) or show the player’s score for that round.

  • Users can now filter by average score, card multiplier score and latest score when searching for players.

  • In the individual Player Card view, a user can now see the player’s average score, average score with card multiplier, seasonal total as well as current and previous round scores.

  • The checkout screen now contains a section for users to input coupon codes for either % or $ discounts.

  • The Aussie Rules Starter Pack pool has been reduced from the entire pool of 756 players to the top 300 players.

Bug Fixes

  • The pop-up asking users to input their team name when they already had an account has been fixed.

  • Users are no longer being redirected to an incorrect site when trying to logout.

  • Store cart will now empty after each checkout.

  • A duplicate players bug that was being created from swapping players has been patched.

Known Bugs

  • App not optimised for Safari

  • App not optimised for mobile

  • Restricted WIFIs (such as schools and workplaces) may have challenges using the app

  • Smaller desktop/laptop screens may not see the full squad screen

  • Users must accept cookies to be able to register a new account

  • Users unable to sign up for the platform in incognito mode of google chrome

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