Version 1.5

The fifth upgrade to the GameDay Squad platform - V 1.5

January 2023


  • Introduction of the GameDay Squad mobile app: The ability for users to use features such as the Transfer Market, pack opening and card viewing all from their phone

  • Updates to Player Cards in preparation for the 2023 Season - number changes, club changes, positional changes

  • Removal of retired, delisted and players moving overseas from Player Pack rotation

  • Squad refresh - A squad refresh to all users teams found in the "My Squad" tab

  • Funds loaded onto the GameDay Squad platform can now be used to purchase Player Packs directly

Bug fixes

  • Bug where Aussie Rules player Aaron Francis appears on the Rugby League side of the game

Known bugs

  • App not optimised for Safari

  • App not optimised for mobile

  • Smaller desktop/laptop screens may not see the full squad screen

  • Users reporting a bug where random players are assigned to empty position slots and cannot be removed

  • Users reporting a bug where player cards are duplicating in "My Squad" and cannot be removed

  • Users reporting a bug where packs are not allocated automatically after purchase

  • Users reporting a bug where player cards don't appear after completing a successful trade

In Development

  • Improved squad management

  • Ability to withdrawal funds from the GameDay Squad platform to a selected bank account

  • Revamped dashboard

  • Platform referrals

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