Version 1.7

The seventh upgrade to the GameDay Squad platform - V 1.7

April 2023


  • Users must fill out all empty bench slots or will score "ZERO" points for the round.

  • The rolling lockout has replaced the fixed time lockout. This means that players will only be locked out when their team's game starts.

  • Player scores are being updated through the platform at a more frequent rate. Scores are showing on both the "My Squad" tab and on the leaderboards for overall score.

  • Users can accept, offer and decline trades on the mobile apps.

  • Users can remove players from the transfer market on the mobile apps.

  • Scoring amendments have been made to the Rugby League scoring: Forces turnovers and try saves will no longer be recorded in 2023.

Bug fixes

  • Users are able to play to or more of the same player (in different rarities)

Known bugs

  • App not optimised for Safari.

  • Smaller desktop/laptop screens may not see the full squad screen.

  • Rugby League - Dolphins players are appearing as New Zealand Warriors players in the squad view.

  • Known player movements to be updated.

  • AFL player Corey Durdin showing as Sam Durdin.

In Development

  • Improved squad management

  • Ability to withdrawal funds from the GameDay Squad platform to a selected bank account

  • Revamped dashboard

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